Oral Hygiene Tips from Smart Orthodontics, Charlotte, NC



Begin brushing the outside of your teeth with circular and vibrating motions. Next angle the brush downwards so you can get between the gum and brackets of all of your teeth. Finish by brushing the inside of your teeth.


Flossing is very important and should be done at least once a day. Use a threader to pull the floss under your archwire. Pull the floss between each tooth moving it up and down gently all the way under the gums. Use a different section of floss between each tooth.
Woman Brushing Her Teeth | Charlotte, NC | Smart Orthodontics


After brushing and flossing, remember to rinse with water or an antiseptics dental rinse. An antiseptic rinse helps minor gum inflammations and irritations from orthodontia. Rinsing can also clean canker sores, small wounds, and other mouth and gum irritations- enabling natural healing to occur.


An interdental toothbrush is a great tool for keeping your teeth, braces, and gums clean and healthy. It can be used under wires and around braces. Be slow and careful in order to not damage your braces.


It is very important to brush your retainer every time you use it, as it can accumulate food particles and cavity-causing plaque. Additionally, you should soak your retainer in a cup of room-temperature water with a denture-cleaning tablet every day to prevent plaque build up and oral infections. It will also keep your retainer clean and tasting better. Never use hot water with your retainer as it can distort the shape.

Foods to Avoid

Hard Foods, like ice or pizza crust
Sticky Foods, like chewing gum, caramel, starburst
Sweets, like hard candies, now and later, and high sugary foods
Sugary Drinks, sodas and fruit drinks sweetened with sugar

It is best to avoid these foods that can damage the wires and braces and avoid those foods that are more prone to cause white spots due to high sugar content.